Governmental / Public Sector Law

Parnell Thompson has exceptional depth and experience in public sector and governmental law. For over 3 decades, we have represented municipalities, governmental agencies and entities around the Birmingham area and throughout the State of Alabama. Legal representation has been provided in the areas of general governmental practice, water use, real estate transactions, leases and developments, condemnation, environmental, administrative, employment and labor, land use (i.e. zoning, platting, subdivision and annexation), sewer, storm water, solid waste, gas utilities, industrial development, and general public contract law.


We have extensive experience with: ensuring that all meetings (regular, special or emergency) comply with the Open Meeting Act, including review and/or drafting meeting notices; responding to and complying with public records requests under the Public Records Act: Responding to and assisting with state and federal investigations; requesting Attorney General opinions, review of and training of public officials and employees to comply with the Ethics Law, as well as review of and interpretation of Ethics Commission Opinions and drafting requests for opinions; state and federal procurement laws, including Alabama’s Public Works and Competitive Bid laws; formulating, negotiating, administering, amending and terminating various procurement contracts; drafting and reviewing invitations for bids and requests for proposals; and general expertise in the general rights, powers, duties obligations and limitations of public officials and employees. Parnell Thompson regularly provides training to employees on these laws and also monitors and provides updates on proposed legislative changes to laws impacting governmental agencies and municipalities, as well as drafts proposed legislation in these areas.